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At Treatment Action Plan, our goal is to help the pieces of your life fit back together. If you or a loved one has been suffering from an addiction, it’s time to put the pieces back together. We can help you with our referral service to find the best treatment action plan for you and your needs.
There are many different types of addictions. You, or a family member, may suffer from a drug addiction, an alcohol addiction or another form of addiction. Each addiction must be treated with unique addiction treatment services. The body responds differently to alcohol than it does to cocaine, marijuana and prescription drugs.
Your addiction doesn’t even have to do with a substance going into the body. There are addiction services for other forms of addiction, as well. You may be addicted to sexual acts, pornography or even shopping. Compulsive behavior can have a negative effect on the rest of your life. You may be unable to participate in the day to day activities of your life because of the addiction that is keeping your mind on a single track.
We work with a number of treatment centers that treat various forms of addiction. This will allow us to refer you to the one that will meet your needs the most effectively.
The road to recovery can be a long and bumpy one. Our goal is to help you smooth out as many of those bumps as possible so you can begin living a normal life again. Addiction may be ruining the relationships you have with friends and family. It may also be causing you problems in the workplace. This doesn’t have to be the way for the rest of your life. There are many addiction treatment services that have worked in the past and can work for you.
Free Addiction Treatment and Recovery Services
There’s no reason to try and go through this process alone. Whether you have decided to look for addiction recovery or you are planning an intervention for a loved one, we are here to make the process simpler for you. Our services are at no cost to you. We will create an entire plan based upon your addiction and the addiction recovery format that you are most comfortable with.
It can be difficult to look through the many addiction treatment centers and determine which one is right for you. Some take a Christian approach with prayer and bible passages while others take a homeopathic approach with massage and acupuncture. There are other treatment centers that focus more on the behavioral side of addiction where you will do counseling one-on-one or in groups with others who suffer from the same addiction as you.
The goal of Treatment Action Plan is to help you choose the best treatment approach and center for you to overcome your addiction. The more effective your plan is, the easier it will be for you to get control of your addiction and go back to a normal life with healthy relationships. If you choose the wrong addiction treatment plan, it may cause you to relapse or take twice as long to recover. This is what we hope to avoid!
You have already taken the first step toward improving the rest of your life. Now you have to determine what steps are best to get you to where you want to be. You can do all of the research on your own or we can help you. We have worked with many different individuals who have suffered from many different addictions. They have been placed onto the road to recovery and you can be placed on your own road.
Individualized treatment plans are necessary. You and your addiction are different from others around you. You may be addicted to a different substance or act, you may be exhibiting different symptoms and you may be functioning within that addiction more or less than others. With so many unique aspects to your addiction, you won’t benefit from a generic treatment plan. We will help you customize one so you get the best possible results out of the treatment center.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s you or a loved one that is suffering from the addiction. Either way, we will help you through the process and provide you with the facts and resources that you need to continue. Help is out there and we will find it for you.
Call us today for a free consultation and get on the road to recovery tomorrow! We will show you how to overcome an addiction.
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I spent the first half of my life addicted to everything from alcohol and smoking, to food and drugs. I wasn't a casual user. I was a full-blown, out-of-control addict.

My life changed when I accepted what I have become through an Intervention of loved one. Then I committed to an addiction treatment that changed my life. So much so, that I made it my life's mission to help others help the ones they love.

You may have seen me on T.V. shows, such as Dr. Oz. or The Today Show, where I provide expert awareness and solutions for individuals, friends, and family members all dealing with addiction. My Addiction Treatment Services have a proven track record of success, and I know I can help you to.

I hope you will join me in my war against addiction, and contact us for a free consultation. You came to the right place for change to begin, but you have to take the next step. We can take the rest of the steps together.

(855) 484-3827 • (855) 4THETAP

Addiction Recovery

The first step to addiction recovery
"I never thought I would be a drug addict but there I sat, needing more and more every day and willing to do anything to get the drugs I craved.
If it was not for a good friend who called TAP for me, I don't know where I would be today.
They helped me get through my addiction and even got me help for emotional problems I didn't know I had.
The program they found for me treated me, not my addiction. I was treated as an individual and not a case study which made my recovery easier than I ever imagined."
JB, Yakima, WA
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Making the Best, Right Treatment Plan is the Most Important Decision You Will Make. Let Us Show You How.
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Free! Yes, contact us for your complimentary, no-cost consultation. Really!
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Not everyone needs an intervention. We help you find the right treatment plan for you.
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Absolutely! We find the right fit for you; the right time, best place, and at a price that will work for you.
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Toll Free 24/7:  (855) 484-3827 or (855) 4THETAP
Toll Free 24/7:  (855) 484-3827 or (855) 4THETAP
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